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Hey, you’ve made it to my website! Please look around and enjoy your time here :D

This is my personal website. It’s also on gemini:// via the same hostname. This website contains my blog and about page.

Keep in mind that many portions of this site is still work in progress, including the CSS. I post to my blog here from time to time, generally once or twice every few months. I also have a journal where I post shorter, more frequent updates, you can find it here: hedy.flounder.online/journal/. I might host that here one day as well.

The website source code is FOSS, available here: sr.ht/~hedy/site.


Preferably email (PGP) or mastodon. Feel free to post comments to any of my posts to my public inbox, note that you’ll have to use plain text. You can also chat with me on IRC, XMPP, or matrix.

Go to my about page for more info.


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