Hi, I'm ./ hedy

I build FLOSS (Free, Libre Open Source Software) in my spare time, and I’m quite fond of both minimalist Text User Interface gems as well as graphic design — practically opposite sides of the spectrum, huh?

I enjoy tweaking my configuration and setup and believe that it is definitely worth spending 30 minutes writing a script that only gets used once, for three seconds.

This website is where I echo long-form thoughts on my blog generally once or twice every few months.

I also have a journal where I post shorter, more frequent updates, you can find it here: hedy.flounder.online/journal/.

Recently, I’ve made a hand-picked list of cool things on tilde.cafe! Check it out: ~Cafe Spotlight

The source code that powers this site is open source, available on SourceHut with mirrors on Gitea and GitHub: sr.ht/~hedy/site.

Alternate versions of the content here are available on gemini:// and spartan:// via the same hostname.


Preferably email (PGP) or Mastodon on the Fediverse.

Feel free to post comments to any of my posts to my public inbox; Note that you’ll have to use plain text, otherwise you may email me privately.

You can also chat with me on IRC, XMPP, or matrix — details on about page.


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