Hi, I'm ./ hedy

I enjoying tinkering with FLOSS, reading manuals and articles, and hanging around my $HOME.

Follow the rabbit hole sobre mí… @hedy@tilde.zone / hedyhli (github and discord) / sourcehut


Preferably email (PGP) or Mastodon on the Fediverse.

My interests range from dev tooling, math, cryptology to physics, linguistics and graphic design. I try to post at least once a year, but sometimes life happens.

You can also chat with me on IRC, XMPP, or matrix — details on my about page.

Other details


These are my long-form musings. I aim to write at least twice a year, but over the past two years I have clearly failed in this aspect. I'll try to write more often 🤞

Comments can be sent to my public mailing list where I'll also send new posts (after 2023) as plain text to. If you subscribe to the list, it acts like a newsletter where you'll receive new posts from your inbox. Posting and subscribing happen solely through emails. No external auth required.

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